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Use trade marks in your business
What is a trade mark?
A trade mark can be seen as the badge of a business. It's a distinctive way of representing your goods or services that sets them apart from those of other traders. It is a valuable piece of intellectual property and can play an important role in your marketing and branding activities. A trade mark can be:
A word, phrase or slogan
A logo or symbol
A sign or form of packaging
A colour
A gesture
A brand name
Your company name
A trade mark must be distinctive for the goods and services you use it for. It also mustn't mislead people about the nature of your products or services. Common law may give some trade mark protection automatically, provided sufficient trading reputation and goodwill have been built up in a mark. But this is likely to be difficult and costly to defend against infringement. For added protection you should consider registering your trade mark. If you want to register a trade mark in the UK it must be possible to represent it in words and pictures. Registering a trade mark costs money and you need to get it right. But registration establishes in law that your mark is a trade mark and belongs to you alone. You then have an automatic right to sue anybody who infringes it. In fact, just registering a trade mark can serve as a deterrent to people who might otherwise infringe it.
Registering your trade mark can also help you profit by allowing you to sell or license it like any other piece of property.
Trademark Registration £350                                                                                                                order
Our company offers a Trademark Registration service at a nominal fee of £350. Price includes one class of goods or services. There is additional fee £50 for every other class you apply for. The procedure usually takes around 6 months to be completed. Once registered, trademark renewals are required 10 years after the original date of registration. We also offer this service at a fee of only £300.
Professional Trade Mark Search                                                                                                            order
Once you have applied for a trade mark, you cannot alter it and we cannot refund your application fee. Using this service could save you the expense of making an application which has little or no chance of being accepted for registration. Searches cost GBP £140 per mark in up to 3 classes, and GBP £11.75 per extra class.