UK Incorporation
You can now register your own UK company more easily, quickly and cost effectively then ever. Use our online service, or call the office, and your application will be submitted to Companies House instantly. You can start trading within 4h. We offer clean company formation.
UK Company Formation
After Start Up
ABS is much more than just the leading Companies Formation Agent – we have a network of products and services that can help you running and developing your business. ABS provides a full range of professional services:

Buy our off-the-shelf companies
Welcome to our Ready Made Companies section
If you're thinking about running your own business? Buying a company that's already established may be easier than starting from scratch. Our company introduces new solution: Off-The-Shelf Companies ready to purchase instantly. Ready made companies, are simply standard dormant companies that we registered for your benefit and convenience. Our company has ready-made companies for immediately sale. Those companies (dormant) were incorporated, but have carried on no activity. These companies have never traded and can be transferred to you immediately. There is no much work to do: just simple transfer of shares.
Why buy a Ready Made Company?
Ready made companies have a history, general, the longer
a company has been in existence the more prestigious and secure that company may be viewed by others.
You can take control of a company instantly.
Each of our ready made companies come with a certified
certificate of non trading. This provides you with the peace of mind against the existence of any unknown liabilities.
Some of the ground work already have been done for you in
getting the business up and running: VAT registration, domain registration, business bank account, web site etc.
It may be easier for you to get finance as the business will have
a proven track record.
How to buy a Ready Made Company?
Choose your ready made company and any related service,
process the purchase.
Provide us new company details: company address, companies’
shareholders, companies’ director, companies’ secretaries. You can change even company name if you require.
The company will be released to you with documents:
Certificate of incorporation
Certificate of non-trading
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Minutes of the First Meeting of Director
Shares Certificates
Company Register
Stock transfer forms will be sent to Inland Revenue
We will update our Ready Made Companies’ list shortly. Please contact our office.