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We are one of the UK's leading suppliers of Non Geographic Numbers, Memorable Numbers, Geographic Numbers and Premium Rate Numbers. We now provide a variety of Communications Services to thousands of UK and International Customers. All of our Numbers can be Routed to Landline or Mobile Destinations anywhere in the World, or be used as an Inbound VoIP Number or as a Fax to Email Number. Please select service you are interested in:
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Hunt Group Plan
You can Set Up a Hunt Group Plan on any of our Numbers so your Calls are Automatically 'Diverted' to up to 3 different Destinations if one of your Destinations is Busy or Unanswered.
Time Based Call Routing
Calls can be Routed to different Numbers depending on the Time of Day or Night. Many customers use this Plan to Automatically Route their Calls to Mobile Numbers when their Businesses are Closed or other Departments at Lunch Time or Evenings.
Conveys Professional Image
Using a Non Geographic Number or a Good Memorable Number can provide a Professional Image to Businesses and Individuals using them. Callers to Non Geographic Numbers often know how much a Call is going to Cost and generally think that their Calls will be handled efficiently and professionally.
Higher Response Rates
Research has shown that 0800 and 0808 Free-Phone Numbers and 0845 Local Rate Numbers produce a higher response rate than normal Geographic Numbers and other Non Geographic Numbers when used in Advertising.
Number is Portable
If you use one of our Numbers and move Offices then you just take your Number with you, there is no need to change your stationary or inform customers and suppliers that you have a new Telephone Number, we will simply Route Calls to your new location.
International Routing
Some Organisations do not have a physical presence in the UK but want to have a UK Telephone Number for their Customers or Suppliers to call them on. Our Numbers can be Routed to any Landline or Mobile Number anywhere in the World, some Call Charges may apply. Price for international routing upon request
Fax to Email Service
Our Fax to Email Service is a Free Service which will allow you to receive Faxes in your Email Inbox without having to use a Fax Machine. Our System will automatically detect an incoming Fax to your Number, then converts the Fax to an Image (TIFF-format) and Emails the Image to your chosen Email address. Our System can handle Ten of Thousands of Faxes at the same time, so if you use our Fax to Email Service, your Fax Number will never be busy.
Voice to Email Service
Our Voice to Email Service is also Free, you can Set Up the Routing for your Number so it Automatically 'Diverts' the Call if the Number is Busy or Unanswered to our Automated Voice Message Service. Our system then Records the Callers Message, converts the Recording to a .wav sound file and Emails the file to your chosen Email Address.
Route to Landline, Mobile and VoIP Destinations
All of our Numbers can be Routed to Landline or Mobile Destinations anywhere in the World, or as an Inbound VoIP Number or as a Fax to Email Number.

Which to choose?
0845 Numbers are considered to be 'Customer Friendly' as UK Callers will only be charged a Local Call Rate no matter where in the UK they are calling from; 3.95 Pence per Minute Daytime, 1 Pence per Minute Evenings and Weekends from a BT Line.
0800 and 0808 Free-Phone Numbers are considered to be the most 'Customer Friendly' Telephone Numbers available. By using a Free-Phone Number you are enabling people to Call you Free of Charge, from anywhere in the UK.
0870 Numbers are widely used in the UK and can help Businesses to promote a National Image. Callers are charged National Rates no matter where in the UK they are calling from; 7.9 Pence per Minute Daytime, 3.95 Pence per Minute Evening and 1 Pence per Minute Weekends from a BT Line.

UK Town Numbers are also known as UK Geographic Numbers, they begin with the digits 01 or 02 and relate to a City, Town or Area in the UK, for instance, 020 is the Area Code for London and 0121 is the Geographic Area code for Birmingham. Our UK Town Numbers are mainly used as Memorable Advertising Numbers and as Inbound VoIP Numbers by UK and International Customers.