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UK Geographic Numbers, UK Area Codes
Memorable Numbers (also known as 'Gold Numbers' or 'Special Numbers') are Distinctive, Professional and easy to Remember. Maximise your Advertising opportunities and Encourage Inbound Calls by using a Memorable Number instead of your standard Landline or Mobile Number. Memorable Numbers can provide you with an advantage over your competitors and promote a professional image. We have Memorable Numbers in all of our Non Geographic and Geographic Number Ranges, Ofcom has allocated us with over 7 Million Numbers which makes us one of the Largest Suppliers of Telephone Numbers in the UK.
Numbers or Letters
A Memorable Number can be made up of Numbers or Letters, a Numerical Memorable Number would look something like:
0870 468 0870 or 0870 468 1000 or 0871 595 5555 or 07022 200 200.
An Alpha Number would look something like:
0870 HOTSPUR (0870 468 7787) or 0808 BALLOON (0808 2255666)
0702 BANKING (0702 2265464) or 0845 468 TAXI (0845 468 8294)
More about Alpha Numbers
Most Telephone handsets and Mobile phones have Letters printed under the Numbers on the keypad, this means that some Telephone Numbers or part of the Number can be displayed as a Word. Research has shown that people are far more likely to remember an Alpha Telephone Number over a Standard Telephone Number, or even a Memorable Telephone Number using only numerical characters. Alpha Numbers are extremely popular in America, Europe, Australia and other Countries around the World and some Alpha Numbers have been sold for 6 and 7 digit sums!
Once-Off Connection Charge from £300.00
There is no Monthly or Annual Service Charge for any of our Numbers, just a Once-Off Connection Charge, making the prices of our Numbers some of the lowest in the UK. We also have a huge range of Numbers to choose from; Ofcom has allocated us with over 7 Million Numbers which makes us one of the Largest Suppliers of Telephone Numbers in the UK.
UK Town Numbers Number Call Routing Charges
Benefits of using Memorable and Alpha Numbers
- Maximise your Advertising Opportunities
- Promote a Service or a Product Name
- Strengthen your Brand Name / Company Name
- Make your Telephone Number easy to remember
- Promote a Professional Image for your Business
- Keep your Memorable and Alpha Number if you move offices
Total Control
Once you have purchased a Number from us you will receive Login details to Platform, our Advanced Online Control Panel which will give you Total Control over your Accounts, Numbers and Services by providing Advanced Call Management Features, Online Billing and Comprehensive Real-Time Call Statistics.
Uses for our Numbers
All of our Numbers can be used for many different purposes by both UK and International Businesses of all sizes as well as by Individuals.

Which to choose?
0845 Numbers are considered to be 'Customer Friendly' as UK Callers will only be charged a Local Call Rate no matter where in the UK they are calling from; 3.95 Pence per Minute Daytime, 1 Pence per Minute Evenings and Weekends from a BT Line.
0800 and 0808 Free-Phone Numbers are considered to be the most 'Customer Friendly' Telephone Numbers available. By using a Free-Phone Number you are enabling people to Call you Free of Charge, from anywhere in the UK.
0870 Numbers are widely used in the UK and can help Businesses to promote a National Image. Callers are charged National Rates no matter where in the UK they are calling from; 7.9 Pence per Minute Daytime, 3.95 Pence per Minute Evening and 1 Pence per Minute Weekends from a BT Line.

UK Town Numbers are also known as UK Geographic Numbers, they begin with the digits 01 or 02 and relate to a City, Town or Area in the UK, for instance, 020 is the Area Code for London and 0121 is the Geographic Area code for Birmingham. Our UK Town Numbers are mainly used as Memorable Advertising Numbers and as Inbound VoIP Numbers by UK and International Customers.