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Fax to Email Service
Although Faxes are sometimes regarded as old fashioned, they remain an essential part of Business and are likely to do so for the next few years, this is probably why our Fax to Email Service is one of the most popular Services that we offer.
What is the Fax to Email Service?
Our Fax to Email Service is a Free Service which will allow you to receive Faxes in your Email Inbox without having to use a Fax Machine. This means you are able to receive Faxes from anywhere that you can access your Email account and then Save, Forward, Print or Delete your Faxes as you would your Emails.
How does it Work?
Our System will automatically detect an incoming Fax to your Number, then converts the Fax to an Image (TIFF-format) and Emails the Image to your chosen Email address. Our System can handle Ten of Thousands of Faxes at the same time, so if you use our Fax to Email Service, your Fax Number will never be busy.
Set Up your Fax to Email Service now for £50.00
Our Fax to Email Service is Easy to use and can be Set Up in Seconds using Platform, all you need is one of an Email Address and our Numbers: 0845 Local Rate Number; 0870 National Rate Number; 0800 Free-Phone Number; any UK Number.
Benefits of our Fax to Email Service
If you use our Fax to Email Service you will enjoy many benefits:
- Save Money on Telephone Line Rental, no Dedicated Fax Line is needed
- Our Fax to Email Service is totally Free, no matter how many Faxes you receive
- No need for a Fax Machine when using our Fax to Email Service
- Your Fax Number will never be busy, receive Multiple Faxes simultaneously,
- You can receive Faxes on a PC, Laptop, PDA or Mobile Phone
- Allocate Staff or Company Departments with individual Fax Numbers
- View and Manage your Faxes wherever you can access your Email
- Delete Junk/Spam Faxes instantly using your Email program
- Faxes are Confidential as they are sent directly to an Email Address
- Prevent Faxes from being Lost or Damaged by always having a Back-Up
- Save Time and Money by only printing the Faxes that you need
- Use any type of Non Geographic or Geographic Number as a Fax Line Number
Total Control
Once you have purchased a Number from us you will receive Login details to Platform, our Advanced Online Control Panel which will give you Total Control over your Accounts, Numbers and Services by providing Advanced Call Management Features, Online Billing and Comprehensive Real-Time Call Statistics.
Uses for our Numbers
All of our Numbers can be used for many different purposes by both UK and International Businesses of all sizes as well as by Individuals.

Which to choose?
0845 Numbers are considered to be 'Customer Friendly' as UK Callers will only be charged a Local Call Rate no matter where in the UK they are calling from; 3.95 Pence per Minute Daytime, 1 Pence per Minute Evenings and Weekends from a BT Line.
0800 and 0808 Free-Phone Numbers are considered to be the most 'Customer Friendly' Telephone Numbers available. By using a Free-Phone Number you are enabling people to Call you Free of Charge, from anywhere in the UK.
0870 Numbers are widely used in the UK and can help Businesses to promote a National Image. Callers are charged National Rates no matter where in the UK they are calling from; 7.9 Pence per Minute Daytime, 3.95 Pence per Minute Evening and 1 Pence per Minute Weekends from a BT Line.

UK Town Numbers are also known as UK Geographic Numbers, they begin with the digits 01 or 02 and relate to a City, Town or Area in the UK, for instance, 020 is the Area Code for London and 0121 is the Geographic Area code for Birmingham. Our UK Town Numbers are mainly used as Memorable Advertising Numbers and as Inbound VoIP Numbers by UK and International Customers.