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ABS is Agent who provides an electronic company formation service in United Kingdom.
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Are you ready for PLC Start Up?
Public limited company (PLC) - the company's shares may be offered for sale to the general public and members' liability is limited to the amount unpaid on shares held by them. Public limited companies (plcs) must have at least two shareholders and must have issued shares to a value of at least £50.000, before it can trade. Before it can start business, it must have allotted shares to the value of at least £50.000. A quarter of them, £12,500, must be paid up. Company subscribers may be residents outside the UK. A PLC must have at least two members and at least two company directors. The secretary (or each joint secretary) must also be a person who appears to the directors to have the necessary knowledge and ability to fulfill the functions. Directors and secretary can be corporate bodies or private individuals, can be of any nationality. You need provide registered address in UK.
One day, on line PLC company formation. Our company will help you to register PLC company in UK. ABS offers you UK Company registration with a full set of limited company documents. This is full electronic package - all documents will be sent by email. This is our basic service, you can always customize your order to your needs. Service includes:
Free name check
Price includes Companies House's fee (£20.00)
Free choice of company capital structure
Companies’ officers are appointed by applicant (directors, secretaries, shareholders)
Company registered address provided by applicant
Electronic version of company documents
Certificate of Incorporation (pdf)
Memorandum and Articles of Association (pdf)
Minutes of the First Meeting of Director (pdf)
Shares Certificates (pdf)
Company Register (pdf)
For more information about LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) please see our guidance.

Available Options for PLC Company
If you do not have registered address in UK, please apply for this additional service: Registered Address for PLC company. Your company will be registered under our address. We guarantee free mails forwarding to any UK region. There is renewal fee after one year.
Set of company documents £15.00
With the basic PLC registration service you will receive companies documents in electronic version. If you need your documents printed, laminated and bounded please apply for this service.
Company documents: Notarize and Apostille £150.00
Set of company documents notarize and apostille by Foreign Commonwealth Office. Documents Include: Certificate of registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Company officers register.
Hand Plier Seal Press £35.00
In accordance with section 36A(3) of The Act the Company need not have a seal. However hand plier seal press will always add professional image for your company documents. If you need to have such seal please apply with your application.
Bank Account, VAT Registration £160.00
You must register your business for VAT if you supplied taxable goods and services amounting to more than £61,000. In order to register for VAT you need have business bank account. Please choose this additional option for VAT registration and bank account.
Certificate to commence business and borrow £50.00
A newly formed PLC must not begin business or exercise any borrowing powers until it has a certificate issued under section 117 of the Companies Act 1985 confirming that the company has issued share capital of at least the statutory minimum. You can get this certificate from Companies House by ordering this service. Once issued, the certificate is proof that the company is entitled to do business and borrow.

UK Company Formation


As Your Agent
Our company is one of the leading company registration agents in UK authorized by Companies House. We have a direct link to the Companies House which means no waiting, no posting, and no fuss. Our companies are not shelf companies, they are brand new & formed with your details. Using our software we guarantee:
Fastest on line service
Simple incorporation service
Incorporation within 4-6 hours
All forms submitted on line
Clean company formation
The best value service in UK
Further more we guarantee...
A private, confidential service
Individual customers approach
Competitive, attractive price
Products that suits your needs