UK Incorporation
You can now register your own UK company more easily, quickly and cost effectively then ever. Use our online service, or call the office, and your application will be submitted to Companies House instantly. You can start trading within 4h. We offer clean company formation.
For You Company
Register as a Self Employer
Our company can help you with registration as a self employer. Please see our service. Setting up as a self-employed sole trader is the simplest and quickest way to start a one-person business.
LTD Company Registration
Now with our company you can register your LTD company within 6-8 hours. This is on line registration. Your company will be register with your choice of companies’ officers and address. Price starts from £25.00!
PLC Company within 6-8h
Our company will form your PLC company within 6-8 hours. This is on line registration. Your company will be register with your choice all company officers and address. There is only one application to fill out.
Why not a LLP?
Our company will help you to register Limited Liability Partnership. Formation usually takes 7 days. Your company will be register with your choice all company members and address.
Our company will support your company in accountancy and bookkeeping service. We will care about your TAX, VAT Return. We will process your payrolls, vat applications. We will take care about your finance. Let us help you.
Registered Address Service
Our company offers prestigious street address in central London that can provide a polished image for your business and allow you to keep your business and personal lives separate. If you do not have UK address this is perfect solution for you.
Nominee Secretary Service
ABS can provide a nominee company secretary for your private limited company. The nominee company secretary service is ideal for sole directors unable to find someone to take on this role.
Companies House Web Filing
All registered companies are required to submit a variety of information on their business activities. Also you need notify Companies House about all changes in your company. If you do not provide this information your company will be proposed for liquidation. Our company offers Companies House Filing Service - with this service you can amend all necessary information. With this service you can promptly fulfil Companies' House requirements.

Incorporation On line
How do I incorporate company in UK?
Companies House is responsible for company registration in Great Britain. If you want to incorporate LTD, PLC or LLP company you need to send registration forms to Companies House. You can incorporate company using:
1) On line forms - using software filling
2) Traditional forms sent by post.
From September 2001 it is possible to register company on line using software filling option. Software Filing service enables the electronic submission of statutory documents to Companies House via email. These documents must comply with the structure approved by the Registrar for electronic submission, as documented in the Software Filing Technical Interface Specification. Documents are automatically validated for compliance with the Companies Act before notice of acceptance or rejection is issued.
If you want to register company on line you need to develop your own software or use software provider. Our software was approved by Companies House and you can find our company name on Formation Agent List in Companies House.
How are documents signed?
a) Company authentication codes
To replace the signature on paper forms and to comply with the Companies Act, all documents received via the Software Filing service must be authenticated by (or on behalf of) the company concerned. Before documents can be filed electronically for a company, that company must notify Companies House in writing of the code that it will use to authenticate documents, and details of who will be responsible for presenting them. Every document filed electronically MUST bear the relevant company authentication code or it will be rejected. You do not have company authentication code if you incorporate new company. This code will be given company automatically after on line registration.
b) Can more than one company have the same code?
Yes. Groups of companies can choose to have the same authentication code. However, in order to comply with the Companies Act the code must initially be delivered to Companies House in writing by the company concerned signed by a serving officer of the company. This may be done by presenters collating the information from the companies concerned and forwarding to Companies House with the initial application form. In this case, companies must confirm that they have authorised the particular presenter to deliver information on their behalf.
c) Can Codes be Changed?
Yes. Companies can inform Companies House of a new code to be used from a specified date. Following this date, documents must use the new code. Companies House also reserves the right to require a company to change its code.
d) How Are New Companies Allocated Codes?
If the incorporation is in paper format, the newly incorporated companies can be allocated codes as already described. Alternatively, you may request that a given code is allocated against all companies incorporated by yourselves. You should inform Companies House in writing if you wish to invoke this option.
If the incorporation is in an electronic format then a facility exists to specify a company authentication code with incorporation details.
How do new directors 'Consent to Act'?
On appointment, under the Companies Act, directors must sign to confirm their 'consent to act'. To provide an electronic equivalent of this signature, electronic appointment documents must contain three items of personal information provided by the appointee, which may include:
Place of birth
Telephone number
National Insurance number
Passport number
Mother maiden name
Eye colour
Fathers first forename.
In the case of electronically filed incorporations, the need for the provision of personal authentication data may be satisfied by either the provision of three from seven items of personal information, as currently used for Directors personal authentication on forms 288a, or, by the provision of a pre-arranged 6-digit personal authentication code. Initially, in order to use a Personal Authentication Code, the following must be notified to Companies House in writing on company headed paper.
1. A six digit code.
2. The following details for the individual / company concerned:
Forename (mandatory for non-corporate only)
Date of birth (mandatory for non-corporate directors only)
Nationality (mandatory for non-corporate directors only)
Occupation (mandatory for non-corporate directors only)
Designation (declarant / Section 30 declarant only.
Optional information which should also be added if appropriate:
Previous surname and/or forename
The letter containing these details should be sent to:
Software Filing Development Team Room 1.11
Companies House
Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ
How long does it take to register documents?
We aim to process 95% within 24 hours of receipt (to the point of acceptance or rejection). In addition, we aim to process all Same Day incorporations on the day of receipt provided applications are received by 1pm.
When can I file electronically?
The Software Filing service will normally be available 24 hours a day although there may be occasions where the service will be withdrawn temporarily to allow for housekeeping and maintenance activities.